Synergy Mining Representatives and Strategic Partners from Singapore Have Held a Meetup in China!

Nov 04, 2017

November 4 this year, a large-scale two-day meeting has been held with the participation of the main leaders of Synergy Mining and our strategic partners from Singapore who arrived at our mining farm in China to discuss both the immediate prospects of the project and long-term cooperation.

One of the main tasks of the meeting was the creation of models and development of programs, according to which both teams will aim at the further development of Synergy Mining Club, opening of new regional offices of the company and building up of a structure in a new country - Singapore, one of the largest Asian markets. The meeting participants expressed an astonishing desire to bring the project to a new level with even more opportunities and prospects. With the help of our partners, we’re planning to open the official representative office of Synergy Mining in Singapore, where all users can get the necessary consultation on the project and learn how to earn on mining getting the maximum profit. When creating an office, it is planned to use all the latest modern technologies to achieve the most comfortable and profitable environment.

It's no surprise that the planned short meeting turned into an active two-day discussion thanks to which we were able to share our immediate goals and plans. We are sure that Synergy Mining Club provides services of such quality, as no other company does in the world. A huge number of participants from different countries join our community, and thanks to the support of our users and the latest technologies, we will take the mining to a new level, both in the cryptocurrency market and throughout the financial system.

We also express our gratitude to our very important Singapore partners for their readiness to work with us and to unite our common efforts in the search for new solutions, thereby accelerating the movement towards the intended results.

More details about the launch of the Synergy Mining campaign in Singapore can be found in the following news! Stay tuned!