Synergy Mining to Install 600 New ASICs on Its Farm!

Nov 03, 2017

Dear users!

Our company has purchased a new block of mining equipment, consisting of 600 ASIC-devices. In a short time, the equipment will be placed on our farm, Synergy Mining Club, located in China, after which it will be ready for use by all members of the club.

Please take note, that during the night, November 3 - November 4, 2017 (GMT + 8), scheduled technical testing of this equipment will take place for further uninterrupted network operation. Due to this, the Synergy Mining Club may not be available for use during the specified time. Its functioning will be restored immediately upon completion of the technical works, and all the participants of the club will be able to resume further comfortable use of the system and our service. 

As you know, our enterprise works with the largest world manufacturers, Bitmain and iBelink, and delivers computing equipment for the mining of virtual currencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dash, as these currencies have the highest return due to the ease of production (i.e., Litecoin and Dash) and a well-growing exchange rate (Bitcoin). In addition, considering the high performance and low power consumption of Synergy Mining ASICs, the members of the club have all the opportunities to receive the highest profitability when using our service!

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