The New Block of Mining Equipment in the Synergy Mining Club Starts Working by the End of October

Oct 23, 2017

We would like to inform you that our engineers have successfully completed the testing of a new block of equipment in the Synergy Mining Club, and the launch of the devices will take place within the next week. After the start, all our partners and other club members will be able to start operating this equipment on our mining farm located between the Chinese cities, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, or to purchase it at special discount prices.

The development of mining is quite fast, so the new devices have a highly efficient power of 3 MWt. Thanks to this, as well as to additional improvements in some areas of the farm, we are able to optimize the performance of the Synergy Mining Club and increase the productivity of our users. Our mining environment, unlike many industrial objects of this type, has been created exclusively for mining Dash, as we expect that these crypto-assets will become currencies of a new generation.

Despite the recent launch of Synergy Mining Club, the company demonstrates exceptionally high activity. We have received many proposals for cooperation with the most influential investors and highly qualified developers, therefore, all participants in the project can claim a high income, depending on their contribution to the total capacity of the mining pool and the development of our farm.

At the same time, audits have also been carried out, according to which our company's activities are fully consistent with the official legislation, and our partners and sector, from South Africa, Vietnam, India, and Pakistan have already accepted invitations to visit our representatives for discussions on further cooperation.