A Large-Scale Synergy Mining Club Leadership Meetup Was Held in the Capital City of Vietnam, Hanoi

Oct 08, 2017

The meetup was devoted to the development of the newest mining technologies led by Synergy Mining, the latest trends in cryptocurrency field and the principles of effective investment in the project. Mining specialists and leaders expressed their common opinion on the fast development of Synergy Mining Club campaign and noted the possibility of implementing the upcoming technological revolution in the mining field. Representatives also reported on the company’s nearest plans - creating a special environment for presentations and training for all partners, which will help large leaders not only increase their investment income but also provide newcomers with the high productivity income-earning opportunity.

"Synergy Mining has great prospects in the financial market of Vietnam, and this shows the possibility of even more large-scale development arisen before the company. At the moment, we are successfully engaged in expanding its presence in neighboring countries," Synergy Mining representatives reported.

Earlier, on October 2, the official opening ceremony of Synergy Mining was held in Ho Chi Minh, which gave a huge impulse to the development of the company in both the Asian and world markets.