All Products and Services are Personalized on Gene Block Chain

Based on our human genome database, every one can find their personalized medicine, customized health plan, favoured leisure or entertainment activities, or even meet their friends or dating via gene matching. Companies are also engaged to fufill these needs.

Precision Medicine & Healthcare

Users can find personalized treatment drugs or plans for their diseases, and receive healthcare plans based on their gene background.

Personalized Leisure & Entertainment

Users can find their own ways of leisure & entertainment provided by companies based on the analysis of difference among human gene sequences. 

Gene Social Activities & Dating

People will be grouped by gene backgound in the future. Users on Gene Blockchain will easily find friends or date with matching gene background. 

Gene Blockchain to resolve issues in the gene data industry.

Standardize and pricing gene data; Help ordinary people to understand the value of gene; Make Companies easy to access to gene data:


Standardize the highly fragmented gene data industry


Correct pricing the gene data, help people to value the gene assets.


Make all users/companies are easy to access.

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