Gene Social Activities and Dating

People will be grouped by their gene background in the future.

Gene Social

People will be grouped by gene backgound in the future. Users on Gene Blockchain will easily find friends or date with matching gene background.

With the progress of society, the connection among people are more close and complex, forming the concept of the world village. But among all these “potential friends”, how to get friends with matched hobbies, temperament and etc., or even find the “date”, is unmet needs for all of us.

 The gene dating platform, in the future, can solve this problem. Life is too short, with our platform, you can reduce the cost of making friends, identify your own group and find your date in a more fast and efficient way.


With gene background matching, it will be more accurate for users to find their groups.


You can avoid some "terrible" dates without putting yourself into an unconfortable situation at the first place.

After we accumulated enough gene data, we will open such data platform to all types of social networking platform companies. These companies can form a variety of personalized dating software and communities based on massive genetic data. It will be more convenient to let the people meet each other.