Personalized Leisure & Entertainment

We pledged to establish a platform that every users can find their own way of leisure and entertainment.

Everyone has his/her temperament and personality. We offer a platform to find your own ways to relax and enjoy, instead of putting yourself into an unconfortable situation. 


Sports, music, painting, hiking or ... which are your real way to relax? You will find on the Gene Blockchain!


Not everything can make you laugh or happy. But you can seek Apps that can entertain you that deep in your gene.


On analysis of big gene data, the Gene Blockchain platform are open to all other potential ways to make our users happy.

With the improvement of living standards, people's demands for leisure and entertainment are getting higher and higher, and began to focus on self-entertainment experience. After we open the health care platform, we will further open the entertainment platform. All kinds of leisure and entertainment companies can use gene data on our platform to develop personalized entertainment products based on the “big data”.

These products include personalized diet plans, personalized leisure products and so on. At the same time, our platform is also a more refined promotion service. It will be more accurate and effective to reach the target customers.

Our Technologies